(W)1000mm x (L)1200mm x (H)1940mm
Full Pallet Qty: 3
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PIX® 12

PIX® 12

(W)1000mm x (L)1200mm x (H)1940mm
Full Pallet Qty: 3
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£801.00 EX VAT

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PALLITE PIX is a range of lightweight, flexible and strong storage systems that are designed to consolidate pick-faces. By creating more free space in your warehouse, you can store more product and ultimately increase the yield of your warehouse space whilst maintaining the ability to flex around the demands of your supply chain and improve your pick efficiency.

1200 x 1000mm - Pick Faces 12

Pickface sizes - 264(W) x 925(D) x 550(H)

Cant find the size you need? Contact our team on enquiries@pallite.co.uk who will gladly assist!

Assembly instructions

Download these simple instructions for assembly

Working Loads

Download the working loads document

PIX® Information Booklet

Download the PIX® information booklet


Width 1000mm
Length 1200mm
Height 1940mm
Product code 9012b
Product weight 49.71 kg

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