What are PALLITE® products made from?

Honeycomb Fibre Cells
Paper cells resembling honeycomb are used to add strength. Honeycomb is a recognised construction technology found in furniture, car parcel shelves, doors, exhibition stands and points-of-sale. Formed out of 100% waste-based test liner, these simple cells are the key to PALLITE®’s innovative, engineered design and high-performance products.

Kraft Liner
The honeycomb cells are laminated to layers of wet-strength Kraft  paper - which is made from 70% pulp and 30% pre-consumer waste - using PVA glue.

All of the components that make up PALLITE® products are laminated together and assembled using PVA glue. Water-based and cleared by the FDA for food contact, PVA is widely accepted by the food and pharmaceutical sectors, and regularly used in most packaging sectors.

Are your materials sourced responsibly?

PALLITE® products are made from 85% recycled and FSC® certified material, meaning that PALLITE® supports sustainable deforestation of paper materials and ensures that all paper cultivation has minimal impact on the environment.

How do I dispose of the product once used?

All PALLITE® products are 100% recyclable, meaning products can be placed in any municipal recycling receptacle.

Are your products heavy?

All PALLITE® products are lighter than their wooden counterparts, standard specification PALLITE® pallets weigh from just 4.05kg, reducing your overall consignment weight and creating cost-savings.

Are your products export ready?

Our products are ISPM-15 exempt, meaning they do not require heat treatment if they are being used as an export pallet or shipping crate.

Are there any health and safety risks by using PALLITE® products?

With no nails or splinters, and a lower risk of mould than wooden pallets, there is minimal health and safety impact to your supply chain

Can I track my delivery?

When the order is processed you will receive a tracking code from our nominated courier to track your delivery

Can I return my product if I am not happy with them?

If you are not entirely happy with your purchase, contact our head office on orders@pallite.co.uk where we will review the issue and advise accordingly